Hair Care

     We pride ourselves on providing our customers top quality hair products and now we are proud to offer knowledge on how to best care for your hair extensions and your own hair. Here you will find "How to" videos, tutorials and other various information.

1For best results, you should wash and condition hair on a regular basis. Detangle hair gently before washing and be careful not to twist or rub the hair.

2Add mild shampoo to cool water and swish hair around until clean then rinse the hair thoroughly. Blot out any excess water with a towel and allow the hair to air dry naturally.

3Comb curly hair gently with your fingers but do not brush it. For straighter hair, brush it in a smooth downward motion in the same direction as the ends. Continue doing this and work your way from the bottom to the top.

4Certain styles should not be brushed or combed (e.x. braids). If you are not sure about how to care for your hair then consult with your hair stylist.

Preventing Hair Damage & Loss

Proper Hair Care

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